Here is what students had to say about the Qur’an, the course, and how it impacted them:

“My journey into Quran made me feel like a child in a land of wonders. As I progressed, it made me grow “up”. I learned some facts about myself that I had no clue about. Most importantly I learned to turn my focus on myself instead of on others. We waste so much time on judging and analyzing people around us that we forget how their actions may affect us or we may be doing the exact same thing. I learned to shift my eye from them to me.
Quran taught me the importance of purifying myself first, then my family and loved ones, and finally my society. It taught me to “be” with myself. To listen to myself, to understand myself, because until I listen and understand myself, I cannot fix myself. The “unfixed” version of me will never draw people towards beauty of Islam, but the “fixed” me will.”-Sr. Sana

“Alhumdulillah, the past year has been difficult for me in getting to know the Qur’an in a new light, but now I am truly humble and grateful to be chosen by Allah to be a part of the people of the Qur’an.”-Sr. Javeria

“Learning the Qur’an taught me many things about Allah (swt) and His Prophet (saw), a lot more than what I knew. The more I learned it, the more love I developed for Allah (swt) and Prophet Muhammad (saw). You can’t worship your Lord the way He deserves to be worshipped if you don’t know Him. I have a mixture of fear and hope. O my Lord increase us in knowledge! Ameen”-Sr. Magda

“The Qura’n is showing me the truth, helping me find my way {the right path}, taking ignorance away ayah by ayah, and mostly, making me fall deeper and deeper in love with my Rabb and His Rasool{saw}. I pray to Him everyday to give me the chance to continue on this journey.” -Sr. Shaheen

“I was taught that the Qur’an is a miracle given to our beloved Prophet(saw), but this course convinced me of just how much by opening the pearls of Qur’an.”-Sr. Tanzeema

“It feels like the revelation is coming down while I go through the Qur’an and on the last verse of the Qur’an I know I am going to be very sad. Hence I make duaa’ that I get the chance to repeat the course or become a Group in Charge. As of now, when I read or hear the Qur’an, I try to understand what I am reading.”-Sr. Nahema

“Taking the course helped me understand Qur’an better, reflect upon it , and focus & implement it in my life. It made me see how far away we are from the teachings of Qur’an.”-Sr. Mahmuda

“I understand the Qur’an in a new light. Now I truly realized that the purpose of our creation is to worship Allah in every way possible, by following his commandments in our daily lives. That is true worship.”-Sr. Ramla

“This course is a blessing from Allah (swt). Everyday I am learning Allah’s messages. We should change our life and give ourselves a chance to apply what we studied in our actions. We should also spread the message to our family and friends.”-Sr. Roksana

“At the beginning I thought I knew everything about Islam and following Islam in the proper and right way, but after starting the course I realized that there is so much to learn and we still keep learning. Alhamdulillah. It’s all part of Allah’s tawfeeq. I always had this worry in myself that I can understand so many other languages except for Arabic, and I think as a result of this worrying Allah led me towards this course.”-Sr. Raaliya

“Ever since I’ve started this course I am more grateful to Allah for what He has blessed me with. I’ve learned to be patient in face of whatever trials and tribulations come my way. In short I am happy with what I have.”-Sr. Ayesha

“I have been learning progressively to focus on more important things in life—obligations to Allah and duties towards people—although I’m still far off from where I should be.”-Sr. Sobia

“To be honest, this journey with the Qur’an has brought me out from darkness of jaahilliyyah(ignorance) to the light of knowledge and awareness of my existence. The only Book that can change our hearts and lives is now in our hands; we are reading it as well as understanding it. So what I am going to do now, is istghfaar for my previous sins and ask Allah to make it easy for me to act upon whatever I am learning. May Allah(Swt) make it easy for all of us to implement the knowledge of Qur’an and make us worthy of it’s intercession on the Day of Judgement, Ameen.”-Sr. Sarwat

“Though I only began delving into the Qur’an with this course a few months ago, I have experienced a previously inconceivable appreciation for the words of Allah (swt). Never before had I imagined that every single ayah, every single point of reflection, could mean so much for me and influence me so deeply! SubhanAllah!”- Sr. Anum

“This class really changed my life in many good ways. Firstly, I got the knowledge of my deen which helped me to practice the command of Allah in the right way and it helped me to not follow the practices of the culture or what I hear from people. Having the opportunity to study the word of Allah made me think and ponder more about the creation and why it was created. There is a wisdom behind absolutely everything, which proves there is a power above all creation. The Qur’an is a complete way of life.”-Sr. Asli

“Qur’an brings peace to my heart. It helps me go through the most difficult times of life. The understanding of the Qur’an through this course has taught me a great deal. The first is to be patient when I am in a trouble. When I read about the companions of the Prophet and their struggles, my problems seem so miniscule and I realize that I should be extremely grateful to Allah (swt) for his countless blessings upon me. It has also taught me the the etiquette of making dua and reciting Qur’an and how to connect it to Allah (swt) and follow the Sunnah. Not just that, I have also learned the basic day to day dealings of my life: how to dress properly, talk to others, give rights of others, help the needy, how to be fair in my dealings, etc. I have only attended lectures of four juz so far but I see a difference in my life. I am sure this journey of Qur’an will teach me a lot and I hope to make the most of it and adapt my lifestyle to Qur’an and Sunnah so that Allah becomes raazi with me. Ameen.”-Sr. Faizah

“The changes I feel in myself after joining this course is the way I look to this worldly life and how it has changed. Now I am more concerned about beautifying my amaal(deeds) for the Hereafter than worrying about adorning this worldly life. Another change in myself is to always do every action no matter how small, and it should be only for His sake.”-Sr. Farzana

“Life was empty without any motivation. The understanding of Qur’an gave me a purpose and a reason to life. My perspective of looking at life has changed. I am really thankful for this blessing. Allah, always keep me on the right path. Ameen.”-Sr. Fareeda

“This course has changed me in a lot of ways and I think this will be an ongoing process as we continue our journey through Qur’an inshallah.
When we started the tafseer of Surah Al-Fatiha, I felt such sadness that I have read this Surah many many times but never paid attention to it. The greatness of Allah (swt), His Majesty, His Complete Ownership. I learned a great lesson of asking from Him only; the words ” iyyka nastaeen” are engraved in my heart. I realized that He holds my affairs and only He can help me, so I ask only from Him and expect only from Him. This change is a baby step I took among a long list of steps I must take to become close to Allah (swt) but Alhumdulilah its a start. I would have never done this if it was not for this course. Today I thank Him for this great blessing! I am very hopeful of His great mercy.”- Sr. Kaniz

“Studying this class is constantly making me aware of my purpose in life. I am constantly reassessing my self as a servant of Allah and how I can do my service better in relation to my family, children , husband and community. This class has also brought a calm to my very busy life; something that I did not have before.”-Sr Lashwan

“Being able to understand the Quran while reciting it has made me open my eyes to my dheen. I am now able to understand the words of our Rabb and I try my best to implement whatever we have learnt so far in my life In sha Allah. This course has changed my life for the better Alhamdulillah, and I am ever so grateful to Allah for giving me the ability to continue this course.”-Sr. Saara

“Alhamdulillah! Duniya seems less important now, Life is getting easier. Now I understand that true success is the success in Akhirah. It gives me confidence, peace and contentment that this Duniya is only a means of achieving Jannah. How Merciful is our Lord, HE showed us our goal and HE showed us the way to achieve it.”-Sr. Humaira

“What I learn through this journey of Qur’an cannot be describe in words. I am blessed to be one of the chosen ones to learn my deen and Allah swt’s words. I was in search of taking a course or doing something with my days off from work and one day Subhana Allah while I was at work, I started googling online Quran courses. The first link I got was Al-Huda. Even though I knew about Al-Huda, I never thought I’ll get the chance to take their courses due to my work schedule. Alhamdulilah I signed up right away without any hesitation on April 14, 2012. That was the best decision I had ever made. I got disheartened several times and overwhelmed with the daily work at home, and actual work, which is a shift rotation of day/night, and the course load. I thought I could not continue. But Alhamdulialh by the will of Allah my group in-charge, group mates, and my fellow students had all encouraged me not to give up. Jazakallah khair for all your support.

Al-Huda has taught me a consistency and dedication towards the work of Allah. My experience this far has been a blessing and an increase in gratitude for Allah, for providing a way/source to occupy my time. I realized that time spent in the way of Allah is time well spent. Alhamdulillah, I am engaged with the course no matter where ever I am, whether it is work or traveling. I pray to Allah swt to give me the ability to continue and to implement what I learn upon myself and to be able to teach it to others.”-Sr. Halima

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